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Full Balance provides practical, down to earth, independent (no sales of products involved or commissions taken)  budgeting and money management advice to plan for you to be debt free, get ahead quicker and invest in and save for your future. As an objective observer and mentor we can listen, review and motivate you to get where you want to go. Find out more about our Services.

We are a mobile company with offices in Tauranga, Hamilton and Auckland giving independent financial educational advice to people from all over New Zealand with their personal and business money management, whether you already have lots or money, are in financial hardship or anywhere in between.

Do You Need to Improve Your Budgeting Skills?

Many people live on the edge when it comes to their finances, spending all their money and the banks, living from pay check to pay check and then have to work hard and long hours to service this debt. This can lead to high levels of stress and loss of freedom to do the things you want, with any bumps in the road upsetting the apple cart, leading to more stress and disorder.

Longer term you never know what is ahead, and if you don't have savings set aside, the lifestyle you have become accustomed to could be lost.

Get Some Independent Financial Coaching and Live the Life You Chose!

The solution to this is not to continue to live in denial, but to take stock of where you are now and work out a plan to save and build your net worth over time. In order do this though, you need to have a budget plan and a savings goal, and the discipline to stick to the budget plan.

This is where a Financial Coach comes in handy - we can review your budget plan and set a savings goal and look at where you have your money stored, work out what motivates you to keep on track in the short and long term and review your progress.

Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad, Poor Dad says that “One of the three paths to great wealth is increasing money management skills” and…. “One of the three rich habits is to hire an outsider to review your personal finances”.

What is a Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach is like a cross between a Financial Planner, Budgeter, Accountant and a Life Coach, but there are no sales involved so it is all about independent affordable advice to help you get ahead! Find out more about Financial Coaching or contact us for a free appointment to find out how Financial Coaching can help you.

100% of clients surveyed said they will be substantially better off or have a better lifestyle in the long term, because they got Financial Coaching. Hear what others have said about our financial coaching or contact us to make an appointment for independent advice on how to save money and plan for your future.

All our money management advice and budgeting help is private and confidential and we guarantee that you will have more clarity and control over your money management and save you more money than the fee, from the budget plan developed. Find out more about our guarantees.

Services we Offer

Package Budget Plan Deals

Pay a small fee per week to get on going follow up advice and help over 3 - 6 months with your budgeting and financial planning.

Hourly Educational Advice on Your Finances

Pay per hour for as much or little advice as you require.

Budgeting and Financial Hardship

Pay to get a statement of your financial position completed, budget planning and negotiation with creditors

Financial Literacy and Education Seminars

Tailored to suit your audience, from a motivational talk on how to save more money and do better with your finances to weekly budget planning tutorials.

Business Financial Coaching Including IRD Debt Negotiation

Been working for yourself for a while, but realised you are not earning enough to pay yourself and IRD. We will look at your personal and business finances jointly and work out how you can earn enough to provide for your personal finances; keep up with your on-going tax; expand your business and pay back IRD. Refer here for more details

Asset Separation due to Relationship Breakdown

If you have or are looking at separating from your partner, we can prepare updated budgets to show how you will survive, and also the options for splitting your relationship property. Refer here for more details

Our Mission as Your Personal Independent Financial Mentor

Our Mission is to provide an affordable, cost effective and trustworthy independent financial mentoring service that empowers individuals and families to take charge of their personal and business finances and their future Find out more about our mission. Our motto is “Yours to do with as you wish …” We believe in the clients’ choice to live your life how you want to, have the lifestyle you want and make decisions that support your values in life.

We have different payment options and you can get as much or as little coaching and mentoring to suit your budget - either a package deal, hourly advice, free EAP budgeting and independent advice.

What is Your Money Personality? -

Complete the financial personality quiz now for free

Knowing what your money personality is will help you understand you and your partners strengths and weaknesses and could explain how you manage your money and your attitude to budgeting. Click here to do the financial quiz "What’s your money personality?" for free.

We guarantee to save you more than we charge!

“I’m so glad I made that first phone call to you, you have given me the kick start to achieve what I have wanted to do for years.”

We guarantee to save you more than we charge!

“I’m so glad I made that first phone call to you, you have given me the kick start to achieve what I have wanted to do for years.”

“It’s a relief knowing someone is there to reassure me.”

“In 10 months my whole life, outlook and finances have completely changed.”

“I can't thank you enough. You've shed so much light on my life and situation. It has helped more than you will ever know.”

Tauranga, Auckland,Budgeting advice,Financial hardship, Independent Financial Advice, Retirement advice

Shula Newland, owner and manager of Full Balance Financial Coaching, Auckland.

Tauranga, Auckland,Budgeting advice,Financial hardship, Independent Financial Advice, Retirement advice

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