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We are flexible in the services we can provide you, but as we are true independent financial coaches we don't sell products, we just guide you towards your personal financial goals

So we like to get to know you personally, and what makes you tick.

Here are 5 reasons how we can help you with your money management:

  • We work out where you are now with your life, career, business and personal finances. This allows us to diagnosis which areas we can help you in
  • We work out where you want to go and how to get there, so that you have your plan to get to your dream close by to keep you motivated;
  • We work out an action plan, so you know what your next steps are to meet your targets;
  • We keep in contact regularly to check your progress, so that you have someone to report back to and discuss any difficulties with;
  • We celebrate your success, so that you can feel good about what you have achieved and how far you have come

What services do we offer?:

Coaching Packages - Budget, Short or Full packages

Together we gather the data to determine where you are now with your finances, where you want to go and from that we work out an action plan for you to get there. Depending on the package you go with, we keep in contact regularly over the phone/Zoom and then undertake a personal follow up visit to measure your improvement. Contact us to find out more and get a price for your personal and/or business situation.

The package can help you determine how to save for your first house; pay off your mortgage early; save for retirement; start a business; become debt free; save for a trip of a life time...

You can either get a budget, short or full package depending on how long term you want to look and the amount of time and money you want to invest in you financial future.

You can get the packages to help you, your family and/or your business.

Hourly Budgeting and Financial Coaching from our Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga Based Financial Coaches

Charged by the hour, you can just get help with specific areas, be it either with your personal or business budget planning, financial hardship applications, financial budget planning, mentoring, goal setting, career planning, money seminars, investing options, debt management or retirement planning...Contact us to find out more and to get a price.

If you are employed by an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) registered company, you may be able to get free financial coaching. Contact us to find out more.

Immediate Budgeting Advice to Address Current Budget 
Shortfalls or Financial Hardship

If you are just looking for some immediate personal budgeting advice to get you out of your current financial rut, and not help to plan for your future, you may just want your budget reviewed and get some feedback for improvement on how to save more money instead. Contact us to discuss which is best for you.

If you are suffering from financial hardship, we can help you to get your money tied up in Kiwisaver or other superannuation funds, discus whether bankruptcy is a good option for your, and help you to negotiate with your creditors or provide referrals to community agencies for more help.

Educational and Financial Literacy Seminars to Workplaces, Organisations and Schools

Who wouldn’t want to learn about how to get more money, how to keep it and how to avoid financial hardship later in life, from an independent point of view without being sold anything? We can deliver topics to suit your audience whether it is to motivate your members, educate them, entertain them and/or to help them to complete their own financial or retirement plan. Contact us to find out more.

So What is My Next Step to get Independent Financial Coaching?

  • I want to be a client of Full Balance Financial Coaching, what do I do next? - Contact us and make an appointment at a time that suits you and we can get stuck into it straight away.
  • I’m not sure, I’d like to meet you first for a free appointment – No worries, contact us and we would be happy to meet or talk with you and explain in more detail how independent coaching can help you with your personal or business finances.
  • I’d like to find out what others have said about Full Balance Financial Coaching. Hear what others have said.

Who can Benefit From Independent Financial Coaching?

Everyone can benefit from Financial Coaching regardless of your situation, although some people need our help more than others! We see a lot of different people from all types of situations. Some clients are in financial hardship, but most are looking for a mentor to help them to get ahead with their personal and business finances. No client is ever the same.

Everyone needs to know the fundamentals of good personal and business money management, and to have a goal in mind to drive them to improve their situation – If you are lacking in either of these areas, you will definitely benefit from the service, regardless of your financial situation now. 

To get the most value from the service, you need to be prepared to make change if necessary and believe in your future. As the saying goes “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you have always got”. But it is up to you whether you want help to make that change. Hear what others have said.

Alternatively you may be going through change in your life and need to evaluate your finances and budget. E.g.

  • You have taken on too much debt and are facing financial hardship
  • you are going through a separation, and need a plan to adjust to a single income and look at your future house affordability
  • you have lost or gained an income source
  • you want to plan for your retirement
  • you want to combine your finances with your partner
  • you’re about to get a mortgage
  • your partner has passed away
  • you are going to have a new baby
  • you have acquired a large amount of money and don’t know what to do with it
  • you want to get independent financial coaching to educate you on your general options in planning for your future

If you already think you are good at budgeting, manage your money well and have some firm goals in place, you may just want to use our service to overview your plans and identify any gaps.

What Benefits can I Expect From Getting Personal Independent Financial Coaching

There are many benefits from undertaking the services of Full Balance Financial Coaching. Depending on your circumstances and your commitment to change, these could be many and varied and include:

  • Confidence and knowledge in handling your finances and planning for your future
  • Having more savings and financial stability
  • Building your confidence so you can get what you want in life
  • Setting your kids up to be financially successful
  • Amicably negotiating the separation of relationship property after a relationship breakdown
  • Knowing how much you need to save for your retirement
  • Spending more time with your family and friends
  • Living in your own home sooner
  • Having more clarity and control over your finances
  • Becoming mortgage free early in life
  • Guidance in decision making on money management
  • Retiring earlier and in more comfort
  • Increased wealth of life
  • Following your dreams
  • Increasing your passive income
  • Having more money to spend on what you want
  • Maximising the use of your personal and financial assets
  • Peace of mind that you are doing the right thing
  • Becoming debt free sooner
  • Feeling more relaxed with less stress and worry
  • Identifying and managing your personal and business risk better
  • Maximising your Kiwi Saver fund
  • Communicating clearly and understanding your partner’s money habits...

What is My Investment for Independent Financial Coaching?

You need to be able to set aside some time to meet personally with one of our Financial Coaches and be committed to paying for the service. Because we are independent and don’t take commissions we need to charge a fee, unlike many other financial institutions where the advice will be free, but not necessarily independent. However fees are very affordable and there are sliding scales depending on the package you choose or the amount of hourly advice you need. Please contact us for a quote or click here for prices on the do it yourself budget worksheet packages.

We guarantee you will have more clarity and control over your finances and from the action plan developed you will increase your financial situation more than your investment in financial coaching. If after the first hour, you don’t think we can help you, there will be no charge and we can refer you to other services if necessary.

Flexible payment plans are available, and once we have reviewed your current situation we will be able to tell whether you need time for your budget to settle down before payment if you are under financial hardship.  If necessary you can delay payment and/or drip feed it off while getting your finances sorted.

What Services can an Independent Financial Coach Provide?

Examples of the services we provide that you might need are:

  • Analysis of your and your partner's money personality to identify each of your strengths and weaknesses (What’s your money personality?)
  • Checking your budget balances and provides enough funds for your day to day living and future plans
  • How to save more money
  • Determining what you want to aim for for your future, and what motivates you to do better
  • How to develop your idea into a viable business and transitioning from the work place
  • Developing a financial forecast and budget for your business
  • IRD debt negotiation
  • Options for separation of relationship property
  • How to get into different forms of investment
  • Retirement planning calculations
  • Negotiation on your behalf with debt collectors/creditors
  • Applying for financial hardship
  • Prioritising your bill and debt payments
  • Tips on where you can save more money
  • How you can generate more income
  • How to maximize the use of your personal and financial assets
  • What you can do to reduce your financial risk
  • Help you get the skills and knowledge to change your career or get back into the workforce
  • Showing you different ways to manage your money day to day
  • Changing the way you think about money
  • Teaching your kids good money management skills
  • How to save money for a house deposit and negotiate a good deal
  • Check which benefits you may be entitled to
  • Calculating how much funds you will need for retirement
  • Follow up to check you are on track with your goals
  • How to make sure you are getting the most from your business
  • Analysis of your spending habits

If you need one of these services, contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

What is Your Money Personality?

Undertake the financial personality quiz for free to find out what you and your partners money personality is.

Remember to record your final score for each type and email us so we can discuss with you for free how your money personality combination could be affecting how you manage your finances, and how best to improve (if necessary) any aspects of your financial management.

Tauranga, Auckland,Budgeting advice,Financial hardship, Independent Financial Advice, Retirement advice
Tauranga, Auckland,Budgeting advice,Financial hardship, Independent Financial Advice, Retirement advice

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