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Testimonials from Full Balance Financial Coaching Clients

We have many happy and satisfied customers who have benefited from our independent financial educational advice, and taken advantage of our budgeting and money management advice.

100% of clients surveyed said they will be substantially better off or have a better lifestyle in the long term, because they got Financial Coaching.

Here is what some of them have said (names are not included for confidentiality reasons):

“Wow, I am so grateful for Shula’s help. Our family was at a turning point in our lives and Shula got straight to the point and gave us hope. We think she is awesome and have absolute faith in her.”

Thank you Shula, your skills and strategies and honest but sensitive manner have helped put order in my life and been a kick-start for me to achieve what I've wanted to do for years. I'm so glad I made that first phone call to you."

 “For the first time in my life, I know where my money is going. I have learned a great deal from Shula and I feel relief knowing someone is there to reassure me.

I have really appreciated and enjoyed Shula’s financial assistance with my money management. I now feel more confident knowing where my finances are at, (and where they are going!) and it is amazing how much this knowledge is influencing my daily habits.”

I love the budget template that Shula gave us. I can clearly see the difference in our spending and where our money is going.

Shula has planted many seeds in my head regarding my future options, and changed the way I think about my future”.

I was blown away with my time with you and had never talked so much about myself or thought so much about what I wanted in my life.  I was amazed about the money personality quiz showed I was an amasser and hoarder, and can’t wait to see my money growing in my back account.

I always feel better about my life and finances when Shula has come to visit.

“Before meeting Shula I was very confused about my finances and could not see a way out, this made me feel very stressed and depressed about life. I needed some real order in my life.
Full Balance helped me to sort out the areas of my life to work on, both in the short term and long term. By doing a budget and looking at my whole situation I was able to tackle things one at a time, so I could work towards my lifetime dreams. 
Now I feel more settled and confident about my life, I have a good income, and am able to keep my bills under control. Soon I will have my finances completely sorted and will have the space to pursue my creative talents.”

“I was really chuffed with the questions Shula asked. It is not often you have the chance to talk through things with a professional that is listening and assessing what you want and how you can plan for the future.  I really appreciated the time I received."

We want to express our sincere thanks to Shula for all you have done for us. She not only got a very good grip on our circumstances, but has pushed us into looking hard at our situation and addressing it. Thank you for all your work - you have really grasped things amazingly well.

“Thank you so much for all your work - WOW, your comments about the CVs are very pertinent and I will follow them.”

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